Fix-It Series Part 4 : Duplicate stitch

Fix-It Series Part 4 : Duplicate stitch


Prerequisite: Must have taken the Read Your Knitting class.

Duplicate stitch is a handy skill to have in your knitting toolkit, allowing you to fix dropped stitches found in a finished garment, add color or designs to small areas, darn holes, and even help you fix snags and weave in ends.


Kristin Sheets


Bring a swatch: light-colored worsted weight yarn, knit flat on size 8 needles, at least 22 stitches wide and 10 rows worked. Do not bind off.

A darning/yarn needle

Some scrap worsted weight yarn


3:00-4:45pm Saturday, March 23rd.


Wool Workshop

2130 Colonial Ave SW

Roanoke, VA 24015

We ask that you support your local yarn store by buying your class supplies here at Wool Workshop. Thank you!

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